Site Completion

Building your home isn’t the only task involved; there is site work happening before and after your home is delivered. Not only do they work with you to explore, choose and finalize your Vincent Home, they also manage your entire build project. Here are the types of things your Ironwood Retailer manages for you:

  • Site Inspections / Estimating
  • Property Zoning / Permits
  • Scopes of Work / Scheduling Trades
  • Clearing Lot / Backfilling / Driveway
  • Foundation Install / Basement Finishes
  • Well / Septic (or municipal services)
  • House Installation / Completion
  • Garage / Sheds / Decks / Stairs
  • Homeowner Orientation
  • Warranty / After-Sales Service

Home Completion

Your experienced Vincent Homes associate knows that great site work is vital, especially when it comes to your home’s completion; and they know it inside and out! They will make sure the house and building lot is completely turnkey so it’s ready for you to just move-in. Let’s pick up where we left off and see how a typical house is finished:

Home Orientation

Once everything is ready, your Vincent Homes associate schedules a Home Orientation with you before that special moment when they hand you the keys. It’s your opportunity to get acquainted with your new Ironwood Home. Here are the types of things they may cover:

  • Tour you through your new home and lot

  • Discuss features, use and maintenance

  • Jot down anything that doesn’t meet our performance standards

  • Provide training on plumbing, electrical and ventilation systems function

  • Answer any questions you may have

  • Hand you the keys!

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