Exceptional Standards

Standards are products we use in every home (unless you request otherwise) and our standards are truly exceptional! We pride ourselves in a rock-solid, energy efficient home with beautiful design characteristics. So, in many cases, our standards exceed building code and that of other builders. Here are a few of our exceptional standards:


  • 2”x 10” Solid Floor Joists 16” o/c c/w solid blocking
  • 5/8” Select T&G Plywood Floor Sheathing
  • Air Barrier House Wrap c/w tape at overlaps
  • R4.2 1” Foam / R22 Fiberglass Batt Wall Insulation
  • 3/8” Plywood Wall Sheathing (glued & nailed)
  • R50 (Mini) or R60 (Modular) Roof Insulation
  • Laminated Architectural Shingles c/w fiberglass core
  • PVC Energlas Windows and 36” Exterior Doors


  • Framed Maple Cabinets / Soft-Close Doors/Drawers
  • Drawer Above Doors / Hidden Hinges / and more!
  • High Rise Kitchen Faucet / Square-Edge Countertop
  • 5’ One Piece Dome-Top Tub
  • Beautiful Lighting Pkg / Fabric Shade in living/dining
  • Decora Switches/Plugs and a USB charging station
  • HRV Heat Recovery System c/w Digital Dehumidistat
  • Drywall and Crackfill Walls (no bandboard or chair rail)
  • Luxury Vinyl Tyle and Laminate Flooring throughout

Factory Tour

All our homes are built in a controlled factory setting, eliminating exposure to the elements. We only use select-grade materials and our experienced team is continually looking for ways to add value and reduce waste. It may sound great but sometimes seeing is believing! If you’d like a factory tour, we’d be pleased to show you our facility, just contact your nearest Ironwood Retailer to arrange it. If not feasible (or at the present time due to COVID), here are some candid production shots so you can see the craftsmanship for yourself:

Factory Facts

  1. Our homes our built in Woodstock NB.
  2. Our skilled trades include draftsmen, purchasing specialists, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and more (some with 20-30yrs of experience).
  3. We capture every detail in a fully written quote and don’t start until you say we’re ready.
  4. We meet (or exceed) all municipal, regional and national building codes and CSA requirements.
  5. We build all varieties of residential homes (from a small cottage to large two story) and light commercial projects such as multi-family dwellings.
  6. We ship to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Maine and New Hampshire.

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