Our manufactured homes make home-buying easy! You know everything upfront and pricing is guaranteed; there are no surprises or cost-overruns (as with many site-built homes). And they are far more energy efficient than most previously-owned homes!
Our manufacturing process is very flexible! Choose from one of our existing floor plans and select from a wide range of designer-inspired finishes or create your own custom design and let the real YOU shine through! Each Ironwood home is custom-crafted, carefully following every detail to make sure it’s exactly the way you want it. If you want peace of mind, knowing that we’ll take care of everything, our turnkey manufactured homes are the perfect choice.


Welcome Back’s unique manufacturing process allows you to take a leading role in your home’s finishes with our DIY Homes! In essence, we build the shell, deliver it to your lot and ensure its water-tight. The rest, or parts of the rest, is up to you!
If you’re a contractor, DIY Homes are a fast, flexible way to populate a development project. For financial institutions, they meet all initial construction milestones with well-defined responsibilities. As a home-owner, it’s your chance to save money and be more hands-on! Please note, our DIY Homes aren’t for everyone; financial, municipal and installation limitations may require us to fully complete the home. But it’s a great new option only available from Welcome Back Homes.

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