So you’ve decided to move. The housing market is full of options to satisfy every need from renting, to buying a pre-existing home, to building a brand new one. So how do you know if a factory-built home by Vincent Homes is a good match? It’s important to weigh the options so here are a few valuable reasons to consider us:

Buy (vs Rent)

  • Consistent Payments – Fixed rate mortgages don’t increase but rent does

  • Return On Investment – Market value increases can offset depreciation
  • Build Equity – Pay off your mortgage instead of your landlord’s
  • Investment Leverage – You can borrow against your home’s value
  • It’s Yours – Home ownership is the ultimate provision for your family
  • Make Changes – No permission needed to paint walls or make changes
  • Stability – Put down family roots and feel connected to your community

New (vs Used)

  • Current Trends – No dated finishes, tight spaces or small windows
  • Modern Conveniences – Enjoy built-in features, better storage and more
  • Designed For You – It matches your family’s interests; not someone else’s
  • Built-To-Code – Reflective of today’s climate and safety improvements
  • More Energy Efficient – Eliminate drafts/better sealing methods everywhere
  • Lower Heating Bills – New, energy efficient materials save energy all year
  • No Repairs Needed – No hard work before you move in.. or after!
  • Less Maintenance – Stronger finishes and trims that never need painting
  • Full Warranty – If something goes wrong… we make it right!

Factory-Built (vs Stick-Built)


Guaranteed Pricing – We’ll hold your price even if materials increase

No Inflated Costs – Site allowances can add 10-15% to overall price

Preferred Lending Rate – Banks like our completion milestones

Greater Value – Our Exceptional Standards are often sold as upgrades

No Costly Errors – We have several peer reviews and checkpoints

Streamlined Construction – We’re continually fine-tuning our process

Multiple Install Options – Save on site work even with tight/remote lots

Do Some Yourself – Our DIY Homes save money/be more hands-on


Model Home Program – Fast path with pre-designed/approved plans

One-Stop Shopping – Avoid multiple stops; we handle most everything

Color Selection Meeting – Choose all your finishes at the same time

Exclusive Design Palettes – Past builds loaded with ideas and latest trends

Standardized Process – Repetition improves speed, consistency and accuracy

Consistent Material Supply – Just-in-time deliveries ensure no down-time

No Weather Delays – Our homes are built entirely indoors

No Labour Shortages – Our work force builds all year long

Shorter Build Time – The house is built while site work is being completed


Land/Home Packages – Our retail network can help with your land search

Fabulous Floor Plans – 100’s of tried and tested plans… just ask!

Amazing Options – Craftsman, Contemporary or Colonial, we’ve got it!

Design Flexibility – Our in-house draftsmen are ready to customize

Upfront Decision-Making – Avoid endless interruptions or using vacation

Predictable Timelines – Your home is scheduled shortly after sign-off

Full Site Management – Our Retailers schedule/manage remaining trades

Completely Turnkey – We do everything; just move in!


Itemized Quote – Everything is in writing, (not an evolving sq/ft estimate)

Reputable Brands – We form partnerships; not just what’s downtown

Skilled Team – Our factory/site teams have tremendous experience

Better Build-Strength – Our homes are made to withstand transportation

Quality Controls – Our everyday includes quality inspections and checklists

Less Environmental Impact – We watch for ways to reduce/reuse

No Weather Damage – Avoid wet subfloors; it’s water-tight in one day

Less Theft/Vandalism – Few materials are needed before the home arrives

Dependable After-Sales Support – Peace of mind for the unexpected

How To Get Started

It’s never too soon to start… but where? Here are some important things to tackle early-on:

  1. Is It The Right Time? – A list of pros/cons can identify what you value most and then consider which ones are time-sensitive (ie after graduation, when we retire or an urgent need).
  2. Have A Home To Sell? – The close date of your current home can usually be deferred until your new home is ready so having a realtor determine its value, doing necessary repairs and getting it on the market will avoid delays down the road.
  3. Need Land? – Finding the right location with the right features can take time. If you don’t have a realtor working on it for you or a piece of land already in mind, we can help!
  4. Need Financing? – A pre-approval confirms you’ll be able to obtain financing and how much you can spend so you can focus on homes and features that fit your price range.


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